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The two sides of the Atlantic in the field of public participation in environmental matters

L. Lizarazo Rodriguez, J. Teixeira de Freitas

This blog was written by members of the Curiae Virides research team following a call for contributions to the virtual symposium entitled 'The Escazú Agreement enters into force: What comes next?', organised by the Global Network for Human Rights and the Environment (GNHRE).

The blog post provides a short comparative overview of both the Aarhus and Escazú Agreements on the framework of the implementation of principle 10 of the Rio Declaration seeks to ensure that every person has access to information, can participate in the decision-making process and has access to justice in environmental matters with the aim of safeguarding the right to a healthy and sustainable environment for present and future generations. The post further raises attention to the possibility of interaction between regional Human Rights systems and regional Environmental justice frameworks.

Click here to view the official blog post.

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