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Project Calendar


Work package 1: Months 1-18 (Starting 01/01/2021): An exploratory analysis to identify map and assess the transformation of transnational socioecological conflicts into ecocentric and related case law, to answer RQ1 and RQ2.

Work package 2: Months 13-30 (Starting 01/01/2022): The in-depth analysis of transnational ecocentric lawsuits and ecocentric case law to address RQ2, RQ3 and RQ4.

Work package 3: Months 25-42 (Starting 01/01/2023)The institutional capacity of activist courts to address ecocentric lawsuits and to provide effective remedy, RQ3 and RQ4.

Work package 4: Months 37-60 (Starting 01/01/2024): The assessment of the ability of activist courts to guarantee effective access to remedy to victims in transnational ecological claims, to address RQ4.

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